The business newspaper that ensures that the agricultural business grows at the same speed as the crops

ATL - Agriculture's business magazine - is Sweden's leading news magazine in soil, forestry and construction. Via the news site and the paper newspaper, credible, relevant and independent quality journalism is offered to the target group. In addition, they work actively to develop digital services that make agriculture a little easier and even more fun.

Changed target group behaviors

ATL faces the same challenges as other media - changing target group behaviors that involve new needs and new opportunities. In addition, they were severely limited by their previously digital platform which was technically backward. It was not flexible enough to meet the organization's needs, especially when it came to new services and the design of the advertising business.

A valuable and future-proof digital platform

Esatto was therefore, as a long-term digital partner, asked to create the new digital experience of In the background is a new and flexible technical platform for managing content, current services, and future services.

Based on this, we have designed an that refines the brand and increases the conversion to - and clarifies the value of - a digital subscription. We did this by creating a new visual design language - consisting of a new logo, new color palette, new typography, new illustration style and new design elements.

Simply technology and design that pull in the same direction - and that are created through iterative working methods. This is how we support a slightly simpler, and much more fun, agriculture.