This is how Byggvarubedömningen's service contributes to a more sustainable construction and real estate industry

Sustainability has for many years been about energy efficiency, but in the early 2000s a desire was triggered in the construction and real estate industry to focus more on people and the environment. This partly comes from the knowledge that we spend 90% of our time indoors, which means that we are exposed daily to the quality of the indoor air and the potential pollutants that our built-in goods and surface layers give rise to. Out of that desire, the Building Product Assessment was born.

Several major players in the construction and real estate market saw value in collaborating in their risk minimization and substitution work - on their initiative, Byggvarubedömningen was started. The creators developed assessment criteria for construction-related products and Byggvarubedömningen created a database there to collect all assessments in one place. This is to simplify the process of both finding and reaching out with sustainable alternatives.

The ambition of Byggvarubedömningen today is to make it easy to build sustainably and therefore continues to inspire and invest to contribute to a more sustainable industry.

How do you construct for the future?

Regarding the future, it is a matter of course to build sustainably, regardless of whether it is a property production in the construction market or to develop a well-functioning web. Namely, it was in the need for a new web service that Esatto and Byggvarubedömningen met in 2014. At that time, there was a great need for change; partly due to an outdated solution that could not be managed further, partly due to a changed user behavior. A feasibility study, work with requirements, concepts, UX and design, a few thousand hours of coding and a lot of migrated data later, we had together created a web service that more clearly reflected the Building Product Assessment's ambition and that simplified their users' work.

Esatto has been a strong partner from day one that delivered far more than just a digital solution to our organization.

Ouliana Åhlfeldt, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Byggvarubedömningen

Today, more than 6 years later, Esatto is still a partner together with Byggvarubedömningen. And since the first meeting about byggvarubedö, we have done much more together. Among other things, worked with the business's overall strategy, communication plan, new graphic profile, marketing materials and of course ongoing development of the service. The collaboration thus oscillates from long-term strategy to operational work in everyday life, just as we think collaboration should be.

The reason for the long and broad collaboration lies primarily in the very active dialogue, with a counterpart who is very well acquainted with our organization, looks after our needs and proposes solutions without necessarily being the one who delivers the solution itself regularly. It is about everything from a system architect who is available for more difficult development issues to a project manager who keeps all our needs together and tailors a flexible team depending on the assignment. The winning concept is thus relationship building and active dialogue!

Ouliana Åhlfeldt, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Byggvarubedömningen

Sustainable growth gives results

Byggvarubedömningen is also a sustainable company over time. During these years together, the business has gone from five employees to 18. The number of users has gone from 3,100 to 20,000 in five years and the number of projects (logbooks) has increased from 1,500 to 7,500.

As a digital agency, we think it is important to be able to work with a wide spectrum of competencies to achieve business-critical goals, where strategy, analysis, UX and technology are some. We have had to work with this together with Byggvarubedömningen, a collaboration that has been fun and very rewarding for us. Since the start, we have had an ambition to be part of Byggvarubedömningen's journey. Seeing that the work gives results has been very important and a big reason why our collaboration has developed and over time only become stronger.

Fredric Belin, Account Manager, Esatto.