A groundbreaking web for Sweden's new digital authority

Our mission was to provide DIGG a stable base for developing and expanding their digital presence in line with its mission. The solution became a cloud-based web with “headless” architecture. A web that is flexible and easy to integrate with other channels and that is easy for editors to work with.

A modern authority floating in the cloud

The DIGG project stood out in several ways. First of all, the client didn’t even exist when we started the work in June 2018. DIGG would be born on September 1st and before that, Esatto needed to get all the tech in place. We smashed code and dreamed about architecture. The mission was to build a website that shows that DIGG is progressive and a digital role model for other authorities.

We are incredibly proud and excited about digg.se and hope that the site will really help those who want to develop services that make life easier for everyone in contact with the public

Sara Johansson, Head of Collaboration and Communication at DIGG

The benefits of moving the web to the cloud

Thanks to Episerver Digital Experience Cloud (DXC), the entire solution exists in the cloud. Allowing the web to float in the cloud comes with several advantages. For example, capacity can be adapted to traffic, making sure more resources are allocated to handle temporary traffic peaks. This allows your company to make big savings through minimal server space. With the web in the cloud, the software updates itself automatically, which means you always have the latest version and ensures that you are at the forefront. By moving operations to the cloud, your company can reduce its resources for operational issues and focus on the core business instead.

Create business value with an innovative web

To create business value, a web needs to contribute to both short-term and long-term results, and therefore requires you as a company to have a clear vision of how you want to present yourself. Now and in ten or twenty years. The web should reflect both your business concept and your identity and tonality. For DIGG, we created a web that is flexible and easy to integrate with other applications, thanks to smart APIs. It has a long lifespan and is easy for editors and communicators to work in. Furthermore, it’s fast to develop thanks to good code and architecture. It’s all DIGG needs to be – the future.

We have provided DIGG with a stable base for developing and expanding its digital presence in line with the authority's mission. They have been given a platform to grow into, which can support the business for a long time to come

Magnus Kerner, Sales Manager at Esatto
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