A digital home for digital experts

IAR Systems technology is found in aircraft, remote controls, industrial robots, parking meters, telephones, electric scooters and a lot of other connected products. So many that the average Swede uses products and services that are made possible by IAR Systems several times every day.

Pandemic increased IAR Systems' need for a new website. The many global events and gatherings that used to be an important channel disappeared, and the web became the main sales channel. At the same time, IAR Systems' products are complex and the need for support and support for existing users is great.

IAR's primary target group is developers who share IAR's passion for good code, a target group that must be attracted by IAR as an employer, but also in the role of customer because they are the ones who use the products daily. Another important target group to meet on the web was investors where continued high confidence was a priority. Two quite different target groups, driving forces and needs that should be welcomed on one and the same web.

An easier way to purchase

During the work with the web, we could see that ways to purchase were strongly linked to search, where two user behaviors were extra clear. The user knows exactly what he wants and searches for it. The user does not know what he wants, but what feature is needed.

The solution was two different search options where one alternative was "free text"-search and one alternative was to navigate through categories. In the search function, there were also a filter option to more easily structure the search result.

A dynamic design on the terms of the target group

The solution was a more dynamic web that can change shape depending on visitors. We created the function "developers mode" which made it possible for the website's appearance to be changed from a more sober design to one that better attracts the target group of developers.

With a design adapted to each target group and with a new way of finding out how IAR Systems technology can solve the target group's different needs, we created a digital home for those who are involved in digitizing the world.