How does the next generation energy system look like and which actors are involved in it?

Throughout the years that we have been a digital partner to Jämtkraft, this is one of the main questions we have asked ourselves - because it is very important. How should Jämtkraft actually communicate and what media should they use? What services and products can be included in the next generation energy system? How Jämtkraft should organize themselves and what technology they should use is determined entirely by the answer.

From channel work to strategy work

Since we started working with Jämtkraft 2013, we have grown together and our joint work was based on the new website that we launched together with Jämtkraft then. Since then, the battle for the electricity customer has intensified and it is a matter of balancing good service for existing customers with high availability for potential new customers.

Our work now therefore focuses on how Jämtkraft will become Sweden's best energy partner in 2025.

How do we become a good digital partner?

As a digital partner, we work to increase Jämtkraft's digital capability in order to be able to contribute to the business result in the long term. But we are also an extended resource in various types of assignments and projects. Through all stages, it is always with the end customer in focus.

In everyday life, this means the development of Jämtkraft's channels, services and platforms. At a tactical level, it means work around their product ownership with UX, analysis and service design. At the strategic level, this means helping them move towards Sweden's best energy partner in 2025.

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Mats Björk