Digital present and future with Killander & Björk - Sweden's largest future podcast

Killander & Björk is the podcast that gradually conquers Sweden by talking about our digital present and future. It takes place topic by topic in conversations with others and through live podcasts at several major events, such as Almedalen and Techarenan Summit. It is today one of Sweden's largest digitization podcasts with 250,000 listens in 2019. And we at Esatto are lucky to have one in the duo as a colleague.

Future talks

"We are all colleagues in the future industry, so having conversations about what it can be, we think is valuable time spent." That is the opinion of the podcast hosts Mats Björk and Andreas Killander, who are now in their fourth year and in the autumn of 2020 will release their two hundred conversations about the future.

Digitization is a gigantic shift - perhaps bigger than industrialization. So how do you build a brand in a digital context? How does artistry work in a digitalized world, and do we really need school tomorrow when robots still do all the work? These are some of the thoughts that have been supported and soaked by the duo over the years.

In addition to the fact that we at Esatto have the curious Mats Björk as a colleague, we also have a collaboration with the podcast to promote knowledge and leadership in digitization in Sweden.

Examples of conversations and guests in the pod over the years

- "How to be a politician in an information revolution" with Annie Lööf

- "Constant experiments with the customer in the center" with Pino Roscigno

- "Digital artistry" with Petter Alexis

- "Helps or overturns the pandemic our sustainability work" with Maria Wetterstrand

The mission is to inspire and catalyze the conversation about what we want to build tomorrow, with the ambition to help the Swedes to get involved in a healthy future designed around people.

Mats Björk, digital strategist at Esatto

We have been sponsoring the podcast for three years and for us the podcast is important in several senses. On one hand, we care about and talk a lot about the future to be able to navigate our way forward as an agency and be relevant and interesting. On the other hand, because we want to encourage employees to develop in what are their driving forces.

Daniel Nilsson, CEO of Esatto