LRF Media grows its digital products and services with distributed teams from Krakow

The lack of qualified competence, increased focus on business development and the need for a more dynamic pace of development - these were some of the reasons why LRF Media began collaborating with one of Esatto's distributed teams from Krakow. A successful collaboration in a time that requires higher demands on innovation, flexibility, and speed in the work with digital products, services and experiences.

LRF Media is the media house of green business with strong brands such as Land Lantbruk, Lantmannen, ATL and E-handel. By developing products and services that create benefits, inspiration and entertain people who live and work in the countryside, LRF Media drives the country's issues for an innovative and growing countryside.

Recruitment challenges and an increased need for agile teams

Esatto and LRF Media have been partners for four years. There has been close collaboration in everything from strategies to specific projects. The pace has been high and with a pandemic who forced change of an unprecedented kind, the pace will probably increase rather than slow down.

For LRF Media's needs, we developed a way of working in the form of distributed teams. The team consists of three people who work full time with both Azure DevOps and various development projects that are identified.

Many businesses have noticed what challenge it is to keep the pace of development you want. Partly due to the competition for the right skills, in Sweden in general and in Stockholm in particular. We hear that it is difficult to get continuity in the work with freelance consultants, who find it easier to jump between projects and clients. In addition, there is not the same opportunity to turn on and off the tempo as flexibly with own employees. Something we have seen is important in agile working methods in general and in processes that have some type of digital output as a result specifically.

Björn Sundqvist, business developer at Esatto

The appointed team works fully integrated into LRF Media's processes. In this way, the team can be involved every day in what is happening right now, be proactive and take initiative in the work that is going on. Having an interest in the business and what makes a difference beyond code becomes very natural.

Esatto had established routines and processes and had experience of working distributed. They suggested a team that would act as an extension of our own resources, where we could get continuity in the work but at the same time could increase or slow down when and where needed. It has been very important because we have had a challenge in recruiting the type of skills we need for our journey forward.

Johan Svensson, Business Development Manager at LRF Media

A digital agency for the future and in everyday life

To develop your business digitally, a strategy and vision for the future is required. But the long-term plans will never be realized if you do not have the ability to implement them. That is - partly has the prerequisites to succeed with what is to be done every day in everyday life, but also has a flexible organization that allows you to take the idea to test and market efficiently and quickly.

We see that it is very important that we can offer reinforcement to our customers in their daily work. By doing so in the form of teams, we can develop together with the customer, and they with us. This makes it easier to work in line with existing ambitions. And we can also increase the chance of success with the strategies we have either been able to take part in or set up together.

Björn Sundqvist, business developer at Esatto