Nobina's new website puts people at the center and communities in motion

Nobina is the Nordic region's largest public transport company. A company where buses and bus drivers are a big part of the business, but Nobina is much more than that. The vision "Together we move society every day" tells about Nobina's view of her role in society: an actor that develops both districts, infrastructure and provides job opportunities for over 12,000 people from all corners of the world. The ambition is to increase and make accessible public transport to simplify for people and improve the environment.

Nobina has developed into the Nordic region's leading company in public transport with a focus on growing locations where they, among other things, combine contract business with growth in replacement and extra traffic. Nobina's customers mainly consist of regions with which they collaborate to, based on people's travel habits, optimize and increase environmentally friendly travel.

A brand transfer was the tipping point for the work on Nobina's new websites

In recent years, Nobina has made a brand shift and a new brand identity was implemented in 2020, which created a need to update Nobina's digital channels to better reflect the company. In addition to adapting the suit to Nobina's new identity, other needs were identified:
Attract the right skills and make it easier for potential new employees who are one of Nobina's largest and most important target group.
  • Position Nobina as a sustainable player with a range of skills, services and services in public transport for society (such as municipalities and regions).
  • Make Nobina visible and clear as a sustainable growth company for investors and private savers.
  • Attract the right skills and make it easier for job seekers who are one of Nobina's largest and most important target group.
The work included developing a global website ( and local country websites for the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland).

A solution that will strengthen the brand, create a good customer experience and support Nobina's goals

In close collaboration with Nobina's brand agency, we have developed a site that will reflect Nobina's brand, while the various parts of the web using the right UX and the right technology, will create a strong customer experience and facilitate Nobina's target groups and their needs.

It has been a non-prestigious, solution-oriented and professional collaboration

Annika Jokiranta, Webmaster, Nobina

A global web with a focus on the investor

More specifically, we developed a global web to meet investors' needs where we focused on investor cases. One of Nobina's previous solo websites (Nobina Technology) had to be integrated with the global web because innovation and development height are a significant part of the case. Nobina's sustainability aspect also played a central role as it is an important part of an investor's decision-making process.

Websites specific for each country to get close to employees

The focus of the national websites is to attract new employees and create pride in existing ones. We developed a solution that makes it possible to tell the story behind Nobina's employees and easily categorize different types of job opportunities because Nobina offers services in everything from marketing and business development to mechanics and bus drivers.

An important part of the specific country pages was also to portray Nobina as a stable and sustainable player in each market.

Esatto's competencies at work

- UX, concept and design and strategy

- Project management

- Analysis

- Technical development (websites built on Episerver)

The collaboration with Esatto has been flexible and solution-oriented - a work that resulted in a stylish, functional and fast web that we are proud of, and which makes us want to continue to grow and develop.

David Erixon, Head of Public Affairs & Communications, Nobina