The app that helps riders reach their goals with their horse

Why have there always been apps for football, fishing and hunting, but nothing really good for equestrian sports? This question was asked by three dedicated riders, and they decided to change it. The result was Ridely - an app for riders that contains a training calendar, inspiring riding exercises and a social network.

A gap in the market

Ridely was created in 2016, due to a frustration that there are so many niche apps in sports such as football, fishing and hunting - but so few in equestrian sports. And since the start, Ridely has worked with Esatto on the development of concepts and content as well as design, UX and technical development. The app was launched in mid-June 2017.

We are very impressed by Esatto's knowledge and delivery capacity, from prototype development to technology selection and implementation. By gaining access to an entire team with extensive experience, the development could take place efficiently and with high quality. We now have a scalable and flexible platform that we can continue to develop

Ingrid Sundqvist, CEO Ridely

17 000 downloads in the first two months

The app makes it possible for riders to log their training, get inspiration from movies and use different training programs. In the app, you can, for example, add a workout and fill in the feeling, experience and intensity. The information can then be shared in your "network". This makes it easier for the riders to follow their development and also share the training information with others, for example if you share a horse with someone.

Approximately 17,000 downloads of the app were made in the first two months after launch. In the first days, the app was one of the three most downloaded in the app store in Sweden. Despite the rapid user growth, there were no problems with the app's stability.

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