News site with a focus on promoting startups and growth companies

Are you an investor or do you run your own startup? Then the name Techarenan has certainly not passed you by unnoticed. Since its start seven years ago, the Techarenan has become an important platform for contributing and developing startups and growth companies. A platform where entrepreneurs, established industries, investors, politicians and opinion leaders gather to create collaborations, do business and build networks. Important.

Techarenan's next step in building their platform was to create a news site that will promote the people who in many ways drive the Swedish business forward, with a special focus on startups and companies focusing on growth.

An ambition to grow with the readers

The ambition for is the same as for Techarenan in general - to promote innovation and entrepreneurship and to contribute to business creation. Techarnenan's events have gone from filling half a cinema in 2014 to attracting just over 9,000 visitors in 2019. The goal is to make a similar journey with, but of course with significantly more visitors on the digital news channel.

With premium journalism in this segment, Techarenan hopes to add something new and interesting. And that the content would eventually develop together with their readers.

There are several media houses that already do this very well today, for example Breakit and Bonniers

Omid Ekhlasi, founder of Techarenan

Together with, not for, Techarenan has been developed in close collaboration with Techarenan, where our work has included strategy for product development, design and UX, choice of platform, development, and advertising strategy for disseminating content to increase visitors to the site.

It has been a pleasure working with Esatto and we are very pleased with both the teamwork and the results.

Omid Ekhlasi, founder of Techarenan

It has been great to work with real professionals!

Tommy Fondelius, Creative Director & Concept Developer Techarenan

It has been great to work with Esatto, so much fun!

Lisa von Garrelts, Editor-in-Chief of Techarenan News
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Joakim Karlsson