Creative and user-centered technical solutions

We realize ideas through creative and sustainable technology. We are junior and senior developers and technical leaders who lead, support and strengthen the development of our customers. We advise on technology selection and architecture as well as process and organization, are platform independent and have experience with most technical platforms.

Development with agile working methods

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Agile team, project or management

We can take on specific projects, reinforce with an agile team or be your management partner. Our team can be a 100 percent tech team or a cross-functional team with a mix of different skills (such as developers, UX-UI, analysts, testing, QA) based on purpose, goals and needs. We are happy to advise on arrangements!

Solutions and tools for web and app

We have the experience and knowledge to deliver useful and manageable content-heavy websites using industry-leading platforms and tools.

  • We have been a gold partner to Microsoft for many years.
  • We are Optimizely Gold Partners.
  • We also use other modern platforms like Contentful & Umbraco. The foundation of our technology stack is .NET/C#, React, Node.js, Azure and AWS.
  • We design and deliver built-in apps on iOS and Android as well as mobile-friendly web solutions with frameworks such as React Native and Flutter.

We provide solutions where the CMS is the central part of the solution or part of a more comprehensive solution.

Testing and quality assurance

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System and platform

With a digital platform as a base and loosely coupled modules based on microservices architecture, you can develop new applications and services faster and utilize the ever-increasing amount of data cost-effectively. You will have an excellent base to continue developing your digital business.

Technical flexibility

Modern architecture must be flexible in order to respond to an agile environment. We achieve this by working with loosely coupled services, microservice system architecture, API gateway and using SOLID principles in our development. The ability to have cost-effective technical flexibility is super important to create new products and services and remain relevant in the market.


Today, cloud-based applications are the norm and we have a wide range of functions that we can use to scale up and down our solutions. When we use the cloud, we also get access to tools that help us with security and integrations, etc. Most cloud platforms also have modules for AI and ML that are great to start experimenting with. The cloud gives us many advantages, but it is important to make sure that the solutions are configured and designed in a cost-effective way.

Time to market

A fast time-to-market capability is a decisive competitive advantage today. We work with several principles and methods, such as DevOps and configuration, before the actual development to achieve it. We also work on proof of concepts and MVPs to ensure we can deliver business value to end users as soon as possible. Available tools such as no-code and low-code applications can accelerate business development and reduce the gap between business and technology.

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